Fundraising ideas

However you choose to fundraise for Dementia UK, your support will help even more families receive the life-changing emotional and practical support of our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses.

We love hearing all the different ways our amazing supporters choose to fundraise for us. From giving up alcohol or sugar, to head shaves or growing a moustache, using their musical or crafting skills, or holding a charity golf day.

Sharon's Headshave before and after

Sharon Collins’ head shave fundraiser

“My Grandma had dementia and died a number of years ago. Now my Grandad has dementia and lives in a care home.  Due to Covid-19, I haven’t been able to see him. I wanted to do something to help so I came up with the idea of shaving my hair off.

Sharon contacted Dementia UK and set up a Just Giving page. We sent her a t-shirt and some materials for the big day:

Originally my local salon was going to shave my head. But unfortunately, on the date I had planned we were self-isolating, so I shaved my head by myself in the back garden.

It may sound strange, but I felt amazing after. My head felt weird for a bit but I soon got used to it. When I saw I’d hit the £1,000 mark, I was stunned by the generosity of everyone who donated and extremely happy to have raised money for a cause that means so much to me.”

Hollie White’s face masks fundraising

“A long time ago, my Nan gave me a sewing machine. For for many years, it sat gathering dust waiting for a gap in my busy schedule. My Nan, who had dementia, passed away at the end of March 2020, aged 99.

I was furloughed during the summer months and so I decided to put my time and skills to good use, raising funds for Dementia UK’s Admiral Nurses. Inspired by a YouTube Video that demonstrated how to create a basic pleated face mask, I set about cutting out patterns, pinning and sewing both adult and child sized face masks, using a variety of fabrics. I used Etsy to sell my face masks; to date I have sold 60, and raised £240 for Dementia UK Admiral Nurses, simply by taking up a new hobby.

Knowing that my sewing is contributing to something positive, makes the experience even more enjoyable. Sadly, my Nan didn’t get to see me grow into the amateur sewer I am, but I know she would be proud. To anyone considering an arts and crafts fundraiser, I say go for it.”

Hollie white sat with her sewing machine making face masks
Rachael Porter’s with her Grandad

Rachael Porter’s Veganuary challenge

“I decided to support Dementia UK because my grandad was diagnosed with dementia about five years ago. He now lives in a care home. I’ve seen this cruel disease take away who he was and negatively impact various members of my family. So, I decided to do something positive and raise money to help families just like mine.

I decided to really challenge myself and support Veganuary. It’s something I never imagined that I could do, but knowing I was doing it for charity meant that I couldn’t and wouldn’t give up – I was determined to give it my all!

After completing the challenge, it felt great to know I had achieved something quite different. Apart from doing wonders for my health at the time, I’ve kept up with some of the behaviours I practiced whilst taking part in Veganuary. That, coupled with the fact that I managed to raise much needed funds for Dementia UK means so much to me. It was, and still is, a great feeling.”

If you’re not sure how you’d like to fundraise and need some inspiration, get in touch with our friendly fundraising team by calling 020 8036 5440 or emailing – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you so much for everything that you do. Together, we can keep helping families face dementia.

Two young fundraisers hosting a charity cake sale for Dementia UK

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