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Hampers from home

Our step by step guide to creating your own fundraising hamper

    Create your own ‘stay at home’ hampers and ask for donations for them to support families facing dementia.

    Make someone’s day with the perfect gifts to share with their loved ones, or to treat themselves to some well-deserved self-care. You could even treat your friends and family to those extra special brownies you’ve perfected during lockdown!

    Here’s how to get started

    Step one: what is your hamper holding?

    Think about what you might like to put into your hamper. You don’t necessarily have to buy things; have a think about what you have at home.

    Maybe you make the scrummiest cupcakes, sweet jams or hand-knitted clothing which you’d love to share with your neighbours, or perhaps you run a small business with some extra stock.

    Otherwise, here’s some ideas of things you could buy to include:

    • Sweets/chocolates
    • Flowers
    • Beauty products (nail varnish, make up, face masks)
    • Cosmetic bags
    • Candles
    • Games (card or board games)
    • Perfume/aftershave
    • Pet-friendly hampers for local dog or cat owners
    • And so much more….

    When including any edible items, please make sure the packaging states whether it is suitable for people with specific allergies.

    Step two: presentation is everything!

    Think about how you would like to display your hamper.

    Perhaps you want to look extra professional by using wicker baskets (available to order from Amazon or Hobby Craft). Alternatively, you might like to get creative; take an old cardboard box and create something beautiful to hold your items – this way you could personalise your hamper for special family members and friends.

    Step three: what’s your hamper worth?

    It’s time to think about how much you might want to suggest as a donation for your hamper. You may be donating the items in the hamper because you enjoy creating them, but it is still good to have an idea of how much the items are worth so that you can reach your fundraising target.

    If you are uncertain about the worth of your hamper, why not look up similar hampers or items online on a selling website like Etsy?

    Please consider the price of bought items when setting a suggested donation for your hamper. You want to cover your costs and ensure that you have enough to donate to families facing dementia.

    Remember to take into account postage and packaging costs for your hamper.

    Please note that you cannot ask people to pay a set amount for the hamper, with a percentage of sales going to charity. Such arrangements need to be covered by a Commercial Participation Agreement, which can be quite complex. Instead, please advertise the hampers with a ‘suggested donation’ price. If you have any questions about this or want more information, please email

    Step four: hype your hamper!

    Use your social media platforms to share that your hampers are available amongst families and friends. Make sure to include a photo to show off your fabulous display. Think about your target audience – who might be most interested in the hamper, how far are you willing to deliver the hamper? Are there local Facebook or other neighbourhood groups you could promote it to?

    You might want to raffle off one of your hampers to raise awareness. Please be aware that an online raffle is considered a lottery or form of gambling and, therefore, “can only be promoted for charities and other good causes. They cannot be promoted for private or commercial gain”. You would need to make it clear that you are doing this activity in aid of Dementia UK and that all money raised will be doing to the charity.

    There are some extra restrictions around raffling off a hamper which must be adhered to. For more information please visit the Gambling Commission website.

    Step five: you’ve packaged, they’ve paid, now it’s time to post!

    Thank your customer for supporting families facing dementia through their donation and send that hamper onto its new home. If you enjoyed the experience why not go back to step one for some more happy hampering.