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Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP)

    Our Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) is a panel of people with dementia and carers who collaborate, advise and inform on many aspects of our work. They are here to:

    • involve and draw upon the lived experience of people with dementia and carers, especially those using Dementia UK and Admiral Nurse services, in a meaningful, supportive and inclusive way
    • respond to requests from Dementia UK to give constructive feedback and advice to the organisation on its work. This can include the panel being a ‘critical friend’ to Dementia UK
    • assist with the promotion of the organisation and support its strategic aims and activities, as appropriate
    • act as a link with the management and governance structure of Dementia UK
    • call upon the expertise of other people living with dementia and their carers through our Lived Experience Advisory Network (LEAN)

    If you would like to share your lived experience as part of our panel or network, please contact