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Why host or commission a service?

    Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who fulfil a unique role in the dementia pathway. They support families with the many complex challenges of dementia and upskill other professionals to feel confident in delivering meaningful holistic care, considering the person with the diagnosis and the people around them.

    Ten reasons to commission/host an Admiral Nurse service:

    1. Access to specialist nurses in dementia care and support.
    2. Delivery of evidence-based interventions.
    3. Proactive caseload management.
    4. Expertise in managing complexity (such as frailty) alongside dementia.
    5. Management of multi-morbidities.
    6. Role-modelling best practice in dementia care and support.
    7. Addressing health inequalities and system pressures.
    8. Access to ongoing practice and professional development, exclusively available to Admiral Nurses through the Admiral Nurse Academy.
    9. Access to a suite of bespoke Admiral Nurse tools, frameworks, and models.
    10. Tailored, flexible support in defining a service model which includes support in evaluation and ongoing account management.

    Admiral Nursing services are not developed in isolation and are part of a stepped model of care. This is illustrated in the three tiered a ABC below. To make the most effective use of the Admiral Nurse’s skills in managing complexity, they should be supported by other delivery partners as part of a clear pathway and referral process. This integration is essential for ensuring that families receive the right care, first time.

    The ABC model*

    Tier 3 – provided by Admiral Nurses who are able to offer specialist knowledge and support for cases that have an intensive level of need and complexity.
    Tier 2 – usually provided by a dementia support worker or similar role who can provide ongoing support to families who have a longer term, lower level, non-clinical need.
    Tier 1 –  often provided by either a wellbeing coordinator/support worker or dementia adviser/navigator. This is general information and advice for service users with a low-level need that can be met without ongoing intervention.

    If you are interested in setting up an Admiral Nurse service please get in touch with the Business Development Team.

    A pyramid chart with different tiers

    * Aldridge, Z, Burns, A, Harrison Dening, K (2019) ABC model: A tiered integrated pathway approach to peri- and post-diagnostic support for families living with dementia (Innovative Practice).