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To find out if there is an Admiral Nurse Service available in your area and how you can contact them please visit the find a local Admiral Nursing team page.

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  • Kelly and Ian’s story

    Kelly lives with her husband Ian and their young son (6) in Medway.  Her husband Ian (49) was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 47 – the same year that their son started primary school.
    She says: “I’ve gone from him being my best friend, the person who gives me advice on things to caring for him.  Nothing can prepare you for something like that.  It’s like I’ve become a single parent to two children overnight.”

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  • Sue’s story

    Sue became an Admiral Nurse after years of personal experience caring for her mother and father. Sue’s mother had Parkinson’s disease and after she sadly passed away her father was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia.

    She talks to us about what life was like caring for her father and making tough decisions.

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