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Admiral Nurse provides support to a woman caring for someone with dementia

Our vision, mission and values

Families facing dementia are at the centre of everything we do.

    Our vision

    A world where no one faces dementia alone – where everyone gets the specialist support they need.

    Our mission

    Our life-changing support is there for everyone affected by dementia.

    Our dementia specialist nurses, called Admiral Nurses, give expert and compassionate support and advice: on our Helpline, in clinics, in hospitals, in the community and other health and care settings, as well as through the information we provide.

    We work alongside people affected by dementia to constantly improve the health and care systems they rely on. We use our clinical knowledge to influence public policy and service delivery, carry out vital research into dementia care, promote better awareness and understanding of dementia, and campaign for change across the UK.

    Together, we can make sure no one faces dementia alone.

    Our values


    Working together makes us stronger. We listen to and collaborate with families living with dementia, clinicians, our colleagues, and our supporters and fundraisers. Every day, we learn from one another.


    We come to work to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. It’s why we approach everything we do, and everyone we talk to, with kindness, respect and support.


    We will do everything we can to help families affected by dementia feel more empowered. We’re resourceful and resilient: whatever the obstacles, we’ll try to find a way.


    We always aim to show integrity and accountability in all our work: from how we spend the money raised by our generous supporters to how we behave with colleagues, stakeholders and partners.