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Media enquiries

Find out about Dementia UK’s media spokespeople and how to get in touch.

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    Dementia UK spokespeople

    Dementia UK is the specialist dementia nursing charity. We are the only national charity supporting the whole family through our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses, who offer expert advice, practical solutions and emotional support whenever it is needed. Our CEO is the Chief Admiral Nurse, with 40 years’ experience in dementia care, and our Senior Management Team is comprised of clinicians and academics with extensive knowledge of the health and social care landscape.

    We can provide comment on:

    • symptoms, causes and different types of dementia
    • the impact of dementia on family, friends and wider society
    • the critical importance of appropriate post-diagnostic care
    • the wider health and social care landscape and what more needs to be done to tackle one of the biggest health issues of our time

    Our spokespeople specialise in the following subjects

    Dr Hilda Hayo, CEO and Chief Admiral Nurse

    Hilda has nearly 40 years’ experience developing and leading dementia specialist teams and services throughout the NHS.

    • young onset dementia
    • advice on helping carers to cope
    • the NHS and dementia care

    Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services

    Paul has specialised in dementia in the NHS, academia and the independent sector for over 20 years.

    • the national need for joined-up health and social care provision
    • nursing leadership, education and management
    • technology in dementia care
    • new and existing Admiral Nurse services
    • workforce wellbeing and carers
    • services and quality improvement

    Dr Karen Harrison Dening, Head of Research and Publications

    Karen has over 45 years’ experience in nursing, most of those being in dementia care in a variety of settings and contexts. She gained her PhD at University College London in 2014.

    • palliative and end-of-life care in dementia
    • advance care planning
    • decision making
    • under-served populations in dementia

    Rachel Thompson, Consultant Admiral Nurse for Lewy body dementia

    Rachel worked as a nurse for 25 years within the NHS, before becoming Dementia Project Lead at the Royal College of Nursing, and then joining Dementia UK.

    • dementia care within hospital settings
    • best practice for dementia specialists
    • education in dementia
    • life story work

    Martin Bishop, Director of Fundraising and Engagement

    Martin has worked across the charity sector for over 25 years.

    • fundraising and communications activity at Dementia UK

    Victoria Lyons, Senior Consultant Admiral Nurse

    Vic has worked as a nurse in the dementia field for over 20 years. She first stepped into an Admiral Nurse role in 2002, becoming a full-time Admiral Nurse two years later. She is currently leading our clinical digital development and leading the development of our dementia at work proposition. Vic also hosts our monthly Twitter Spaces.

    • learning disabilities
    • digital development
    • dementia at work and working carers
    • health care leadership and nursing leadership

    Regional spokespeople

    There are also a number of regional Admiral Nurse teams and spokespeople who can speak about the impact they’re making in their communities. Please get in touch with or 020 8036 5383

    Family stories

    Families affected by dementia have shared their stories with us, and can talk to media about the support they’ve received from our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses and/or their experiences of the condition.