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Facebook fundraising

Facebook fundraisers are a way for you to raise money for organisations and causes that you care about via Facebook

    They are a simple and effective way to quickly share your story and encourage donations.

    How does a Facebook fundraiser work?

    When you create a Facebook fundraiser for Dementia UK, all of the donations will come directly to us. Facebook does not charge any processing fees.

    How to set up a Facebook fundraising page

    If you need to know how to get this started, then head over to our Facebook fundraising page to set up and share your page.

    Here is a checklist to help you get your Facebook Fundraiser started

    • Decide on the amount of money you want to raise
    • Pick a title and description for your fundraiser
    • Find a cover photo (if you wish to add your own)
    • Choose the date you want your fundraiser to end

    Set up your Facebook fundraiser

    How to find your fundraiser on Facebook

    You can find your fundraiser by selecting ‘Fundraisers’ in the left-hand menu of your newsfeed on Facebook.

    How to see who has donated to your fundraiser

    Select ‘Fundraisers’ in the left-hand menu of your newsfeed on Facebook to find your fundraiser for Dementia UK. Once you select the fundraiser, you will be able to view who has donated.

    Can you extend your Facebook fundraiser?

    When you first create your Facebook fundraiser, it will close by default after 14 days. You can change this so it stays open for longer:

    1. Select your fundraiser.
    2. Click the three dots under your fundraiser cover photo to open settings.
    3. Click ‘When should your fundraiser end?’
    4. Choose which date you would like your fundraiser to end.
    5. Click ‘Save’.

    What happens when your Facebook fundraiser ends?

    If your fundraiser is set to close after the default time period (two weeks) then Facebook will send us your donations after it closes. If your fundraiser is longer than two weeks, Facebook will send us your donations every two weeks. You will receive a receipt from Facebook.