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Admiral Nurse clinics

    Admiral Nurse clinic appointments give families the opportunity to seek specialist advice, support and clinical guidance about dementia, in confidence. The Admiral Nurses have the skills, knowledge and experience to talk about:

    • understanding the diagnosis and advice on next steps
    • practical tips and advice for caring for a loved one with dementia
    • feelings of loss and grief
    • exploring work/life balance when caring for someoneadvice on complex issues, such as dealing with false beliefs, distressed behaviour, and family conflict
    • managing changes in personality and behaviour
    • exploring strategies to improve the carer’s mental and physical wellbeing
    • signposting to further services
    • guidance with finance, legal and benefits matters
    • planning for the future and decision making
    • transition into nursing or residential home
    • hospital/care home concerns
    • supporting the carer in identifying risk and keeping the person with dementia safe

    This list is by no means exhaustive. There are as many different circumstances as there are families facing dementia. Admiral Nurses take the time to truly listen to a family’s situation, and suggest methods to deal with symptoms and coping strategies for the challenges dementia can bring.

    Who can access this service?

    If you’re a carer or family member supporting someone who is living with dementia and you’re registered with the participating practices in your area, you can call or email your local clinic.

    • Email:
    • Phone number: 02038709350
    • Available to carers from a Chinese or South East Asian original living in one of the five London Boroughs: Barnet, Brent, Camden, Tower Hamlets and Westminster
    • Email:
    • Phone number: 01313572611
    • available to carers registered with The Pentlands Medical Centre, Cramond Medical Practice, Parkgrove Medical Centre, Stockbridge Green practice, Dr Twiddy, Thyne and Partners, Bangholm Medical Centre
    • Email:
    • Phone number: 0115 666 8960
    • available to carers registered at Wollaton Park, Deer Park, Grange Farm, Derby Road, Rivergreen, Clifton medical practice, John Ryle, The Meadows, Bridgeway

    If you’re not registered with an eligible GP Practice, but you have any questions or concerns about dementia, you can speak with one of Dementia UK’s nurses on the free Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline or book a virtual appointment.

    Appointments can take place over the telephone, via a video link or in person at the relevant surgery (depending on restrictions).

    Call 0800 888 6678 or email The Helpline is open seven days a week, Monday-Friday 9am-9pm and at weekends 9am-5pm.

    When is the Admiral Nurse service available?

    Clinic appointments will typically be available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. However, it may be possible to book an appointment outside of these core hours to meet the needs of family carers.

    I just wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks for today’s appointment. I am so grateful for the advice and kind words. The nurse provided clarity on a topic which has consumed me and left me puzzled for so long, and I truly can see my whole family’s day to day life improving upon the strength and guidance she has provided. This may all sound rather dramatic, but words can’t express the struggle it has been so far, and today it felt like there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

    Clinic attendee

    Feedback and confidentiality

    By engaging with the service you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy notice. If you have any difficulty accessing these, you must tell us before your appointment.

    If you have any feedback you would like to make following your appointment, or about this service please email us at

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    Our virtual clinics give you the chance to discuss any questions or concerns with a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse by phone or video call, at a time that suits you.

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