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Admiral Nurse Deborah’s Walk 30 Challenge

Admiral Nurse Deborah, shares how walking has benefitted her health and why she is taking on the Walk 30 Miles in September Challenge for Dementia UK

Benefits of walking

Walking in lockdown has helped with my breathing and general health. I had Covid earlier in the year and walking is a gentle way to increase my respiratory rate without overwhelming me. It gets my joints moving and helps clear my head after a busy day. Like all of us, my life has got busier again with the need to pack more into it. Walking helps me feel grounded and more connected to the little things around me, like birds, plants, insects, and my Jack Russell dog, Pip. I use mindfulness techniques as I walk which helps me connect to the sensory environment around me, clearing my head and reducing stress.

Deborah and Lauren walking

Quality time with loved ones

Walking is also a great way for me to spend time with my daughter, Lauren. During lockdown we met up once a week to walk, talk and catch up. We got fit and sorted out all our problems at the same time! When walking, we can spend real quality time just the two of us, chatting as if nothing else in the world matters. It has brought us closer together and our walks are very special times. I am looking forward to taking on the Walk 30 challenge and meeting my daughter for walks over weekends.

Taking on the Walk 30 challenge

I am planning to take part in the Walk 30 challenge in my local area. I live in the suburbs of a large city, but there are plenty of green spaces to walk. There are small parks in my town and I’m near the River Mersey, which has long walking paths on the banks. I don’t have a car at the moment, so walking to the park is part of my 30 miles! I can go at my own pace dependent on my energy levels, and it always makes me feel better. You don’t need any specialist equipment – just a decent pair of trainers. I am planning a short walk during the week, and then a longer walk over the weekend. The short walks mean I can exercise myself and the dog at the same time!

‘Walking the walk’ as an Admiral Nurse

I work full-time as an Admiral Nurse, but I plan to get out before and after work. As a nurse it’s easy to ‘talk the talk’ to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle and get moving, so I thought I’d ‘walk the walk’ too. Nursing is tough at the best of times, but this last year has really tested us as professionals and I would urge other nurses to use walking to help maintain a healthy mind/body balance. We naturally want to give back in our profession, so walking while raising money for a great charity in the Walk 30 Miles Challenge, is a win/win.

Follow in Deborah’s steps and sign up to the Walk 30 Challenge.