Mother and daughter sitting on the sofa

Resources for parents

Dementia puts a physical and emotional strain on all of the family, and for children who live with or have close contact with someone with dementia, it can be a very unsettling time. Seeing someone they love change is upsetting. Children will express their emotions in different ways and the uncertainty and disruption on their daily life can impact them too. Due to the complexity of the condition, children may also not really understand what dementia is and its effects.

If there are children in your family who are living with dementia, we hope that these resources help you and them cope with the condition will enable you all to live as positively as possible.

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Tips for helping children understand dementia

Our Admiral Nurse Jodie shares her experiences of supporting children with a relative with dementia

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Learn about dementia and Alzheimer's

Dementia affects people in different ways, depending on the type of dementia. The impact can be physical, emotional and psychological, and can also profoundly change the practicalities of everyday life. Find out more about the different types of dementia and check out our range of information leaflets

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