Dementia UK collecting money

Collection boxes, tins and buckets

Thank you for your interest in requesting a collection box, tin or bucket. Collections are a great way to help raise funds, as well as raising awareness about the important work we do to help families facing dementia.

It is important that Dementia UK collection boxes, tins and buckets are placed legally, and used correctly, in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice. To make this as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together the guidelines below.

Please read the relevant guidelines (and sign the agreement if you wish to do a static collection), then get in touch with the fundraising team to request your collection box, tin or bucket by calling 020 8036 5440 or emailing If you’re not sure what type of collection you are doing, please contact the fundraising team and we can advise you.

Static collections

A static collection is when your collection tin stays in one place, such as on the counter of a shop or reception area, to encourage the general public to make donations.

Download Dementia UK’s Static Collection Tin Guidelines and Agreement.

Collecting at an event

A collection box, tin or bucket can be used to collect donations at an event where you are present, such as an exhibition stand or fundraising event. You cannot use the tin to take payments or leave it unattended.

Download Dementia UK’s Guidelines for Collecting at an Event.

Street collections

A street collection is a charity collection in a public area, such as on the high street, in a shopping centre or at a train station. If you would like to organise a bucket or street collection for Dementia UK, please get in touch with us before you apply for the collection permit.

Download Dementia UK’s Guide to Street Collections.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the fundraising team by calling 020 8036 5440 or emailing

Thank you for supporting Dementia UK.