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How to make the most of your fundraising page

    Some tips to help you get the most out of your online fundraising page – have a listen to see how you can reach your target.

    Tell your story and let people know why you’re supporting Dementia UK. Get in touch with your local press to share the amazing fundraising that you are doing.

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    The impact your fundraising makes

    £10 could help 25 families learn how to get a dementia diagnosis for a loved one through funding our information and advice leaflets.

    £60 could pay for a specialist dementia nurse to support two families in virtual clinic sessions so that they can better support the person they care for.

    £390 could keep our Helpline running at full capacity for an hour, supporting families in urgent need of expert dementia support.

    £608 could fund a newly appointed specialist dementia nurse to complete a 12-week training module, developing their skills to support families facing dementia.

    £1,125 could fund a new specialist dementia nurse for a whole week to support a community where people are struggling to access local dementia services.

    If you have any questions about your fundraising journey or need any fundraising support, please call the Fundraising Team on 020 8036 5440 or emailing