Dr Karen Harrison Dening


Head of Research and Publications, Dementia UK

Email: Karen.harrison-dening@dementiauk.org

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About Karen

Karen has over 40 years’ experience in nursing, most of those being in dementia care in a variety of settings and contexts. For the past 13 years she has worked with Dementia UK and is now the Head of Research and Publications. She came to the ‘research world’ late in her career. Appointed to a Consultant Nurse position the opportunity arose for a sponsored PhD. She thus gained her PhD at University College London in 2014 focusing on advance care planning and end of life care in dementia. She has several honorary academic positions at UK universities.

Dr Karen Harrison Dening

Through her role at Dementia UK she is a collaborator, co-applicant and expert member of several NIHR, Alzheimer’s Society, ESRC research studies, such as; PRIDE, SEED and PriDEM. Her research interests are dementia care, case management, carer resilience, palliative and end of life care and advance care planning. As well as her academic work, Karen was a past NICE committee member for both the original dementia guideline and its recent refresh and is currently a member of the committee developing the adult carer guideline.



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Interests and expertise

  • People with dementia and their carers
  • Advance care planning
  • Case management in dementia
  • Frailty and multimorbidity in dementia
  • Hospice enabled dementia care
  • Palliative and end of life care in dementia


  • PhD University College London, 2014
  • Master of Arts in Nursing. De Montfort University, Leicester, 2001
  • Registered General Nurse, 1981
  • Registered Nurse Learning Disabilities, 1979
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse, 1978