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The Young Dementia Network

The Young Dementia Network was established in 2016 and is a collaboration between people affected by and working in the field of young onset dementia. Everyone is united in one purpose to improve the lives of people with young onset dementia and their families now and to create positive change for the future.

The Young Dementia Network:

  • provides opportunities for its members to collaborate, share experience and knowledge and learn from each other
  • campaigns for change both in the areas of policy and practice
  • creates resources for younger people and their families, for people working in health and social care and for service developers and commissioners
  • is involved in and supports young onset dementia research
  • is passionate about informing and connecting people, enabling them to learn from each other
  • works collaboratively with individuals and organisations in order to bring about real change

The Network has a growing membership of people living with young onset dementia, their family and friends, health and social care professionals, service providers, researchers, charities, and volunteers working in the field of young onset dementia.

It has created a range of useful resources for people affected by young onset dementia as well as for professionals such as GPs and clinicians, service providers and commissioners.

The Network runs regular young onset dementia webinars that bring together members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals working in the field, and people interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to share experience and knowledge.