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Videos about understanding changes in dementia

What to do when someone stops recognising you

It can be difficult when a family member with dementia stops recognising you – but please remember that not being recognised doesn’t mean you’re totally forgotten. In this video, our nurse has some useful tips for dealing with this, including using visual cues to help a person with dementia reconnect with you.

Understanding delirium

Delirium is a sudden onset of confusion that can occur more commonly in older people, whether or not they have dementia. In this video, we provide some tips about what delirium is, how you can recognise it, what causes it, and what you can do about it.

What to do when a person with dementia is restless or trying to leave the house

Some people with dementia might struggle to recognise where they are as ‘home’. This might be because they have become disorientated. In this video, we share some tips to help the person with dementia feel more at ease, which might make them less inclined to want to leave the house.

What to do when a person with dementia is distressed

When a person with dementia becomes distressed, it is often because they are trying to communicate something to you. This video suggests techniques that can try to prevent the distress in the first place as well as methods for promoting calm in the moment.

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