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Dementia and falls

Falls are common in older people and people with dementia, and can make it difficult for them to live independently.

How to get a diagnosis of dementia

If you are concerned about your own memory it is important to consult a GP as soon as possible. This will make sure that you are given appropriate advice.

An image of Ricky, who cares for his grandmother, looking at the camera

We live with dementia

If you love someone living with dementia, you’re living with it too.

That’s the message behind our new campaign. It doesn’t just affect the person with the diagnosis – everyone around them is also affected. And with one in two of us impacted by dementia in our lifetime – whether by caring for someone with the condition, developing it ourselves, or both – it’s a message that’s as vital as ever.

Family carer Colin Appleby

Leave a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift in your Will, you can help Dementia UK work towards the goal of ensuring every family has access to a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse.

Frontotemporal dementia

Find out more about frontotemporal dementia (FTD), what causes it, how it develops, and what you can do to manage its symptoms.

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Young onset dementia

Information and resources about young onset dementia, where symptoms develop before the age of 65.

Two girls fundraising outside their school for Dementia UK

Fundraising ideas for kids

Check out our ideas for fundraising activities to keep children entertained while raising money for families affected by dementia.

Vascular dementia

Find out more about vascular dementia, what causes it, how it develops, and what you can do to manage its symptoms.

Football fans standing outside football stadium

Fans vs Dementia

We’re calling on football fans across the UK to sign up for Fans vs Dementia this season.