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Pain and dementia

Pain can often be missed in people with dementia. They may have communication difficulties or have difficulty interpreting their pain.

Driving and dementia

When someone who drives receives a diagnosis of dementia, one of the first concerns often is whether they can continue to drive.

Dementia and sleep

Our specialist dementia nurses share advice on good habits for bedtime that can help a person with dementia sleep better.


Sundowning is a term used for the changes in behaviour that occur in the evening, around dusk., and experience agitation or anxiety.

Alzheimer’s disease

Find out more about Alzheimer's disease, what causes it, how it develops, and what you can do to manage its symptoms.

Diane and Roxanne, Admiral Nurses, in a clinical setting

Admiral Nurse job vacancies

Dementia UK, in partnership with other organisations, is recruiting for Admiral Nurse positions. Find your next role here