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Fundraising at home

Keep fundraising at home for Dementia UK during these uncertain times

In these uncertain times as we respond to the coronavirus crisis, the specialist and compassionate support our dementia specialist nurses offer is needed more than ever.

Life is going to be different for everyone for a while as we adjust to staying at home and keeping safe. This can give you a great chance to think about what home-based activities you can do to stay connected, have fun or try something new while raising vital funds for Dementia UK.

Tell us your fundraising plans here, email fundraising@dementiauk.org or call 020 8036 5440 – we are here to support you and can provide downloadable materials like editable posters and certificate templates.

Thank you so much for everything that you do. Together, we can keep helping families face dementia.


  • Quiz Whiz
    Host an online quiz for your friends and family. Challenge them with general knowledge or focus it around your area of expertise! Find out more here.
  • Share your special skills
    Everyone has a special skill so why not share yours by hosting a class online. This could be you baking your favourite recipe, demonstrating your artistic or crafting talents or sharing your morning exercise routine. Then invite people to join in and donate to your Justgiving fundraising page. Find out more here.
  • Get together while apart
    You can still be together with family friends while apart by arranging an afternoon tea or evening drinks using platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp. Invite all your family and friends to virtually join you and make a donation to Dementia UK via your JustGiving fundraising page.
  • Entertain others
    Are you a singer, dancer or can play a musical instrument? Then entertain others with a livestream gig in your bedroom, or pre-record different songs each day and ask people to donate to your JustGiving page if they enjoy watching them.
  • Movie Night In
    With cinemas closed, you may be missing all those things that make movie night special – tickets, popcorn and a shared screening experience. Check out our top tips for bringing the big screen to your small screen – and donate the costs you have saved from your cinema trip to Dementia UK.


  • Get competitive
    Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Create your own competition for you and your loved ones to take part in. It could be a one-off, like who can draw the best rainbow for the #rainbowtrail with their eyes closed or take your time with who can grow the tallest sunflower.
  • Craft-a-long
    Arrange an online crafting session with friends and family where you all work on your own craft activities or everyone tries the same new craft. Then showcase your creations on your social media. Ask those taking part to make donations to your online fundraising page, and you could even sell the items afterwards to raise extra money.
  • Challenge yourself
    Looking for a challenge to try at home? We have a range of different fun ideas to keep you active while supporting Dementia UK. Find out more here.


  • Sponsor your steps
    Still want to reach your daily 10,000 steps target? Challenge yourself to get your steps in without leaving your house and ask friends and family to sponsor your efforts.
  • Puzzle off
    Set a puzzle challenge, like how many puzzles can you complete in a set time period, challenge others to try and beat you and ask for sponsorship to take part.
  • Get your game on
    Are you part of an established gaming group and finding you have more time to play together? Consider live streaming your game through a platform like Twitch and asking people to sponsor you. You could even tie the donations to your game e.g. for every £10 gift, a player of your choice can re-roll a bad dice roll.
  • Shave it off
    With the hairdresser’s closed, now might be the time for a totally new look! Ask your friends and family to sponsor your head shave to raise funds for dementia specialist nurses.
  • Take part in The 2.6 Challenge
    The 2.6 Challenge is a simple and fun way for everyone to do their bit to help save the UK’s charities. We’re asking you to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and fundraise for Dementia UK. Find out more here.


  • Declutter and donate
    Now is the perfect time to have a clear out. Sell items you no longer want on websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Ziffit, then donate the money you make to Dementia UK. Even better, Virgin Money Giving have partnered with trade-in Ziffit, so now you can donate books, games and DVDs from the safety and comfort of your home, with 100% of the trade value coming directly to us. You can either click this link to enter your items and arrange a collection or download the Ziffit app and select Dementia UK at the checkout.
  • Stay at home hamper
    Are you crafty or do you have a small business? Consider putting together ‘stay at home hampers’ for people to buy for themselves or their loved ones to cheer them up while they are stuck inside. You could include food, games, toiletries or homemade items. Ask people to buy them through a website like Etsy and donate a percentage of sales to Dementia UK. (Please note that there are restrictions around this – please contact our Fundraising team for more information before doing this activity.) Find out more.
  • Sweepstakes
    Organise your own fun sweepstake for anything from a teddy bear to a jar of sweets and sell tickets to your friends and family. Find out more here.


  • Celebrate your special occasion
    If you have a birthday or other anniversary coming up that you won’t be able to celebrate in person, consider setting up a Facebook Fundraising page and asking for donations to Dementia UK instead.
  • Donate it for Dementia Nurses
    By being at home, many of us are saving money on things like commuting, meals out and cinema trips. If you are able to, we would really appreciate it if you could donate some of those savings to support the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. The specialist dementia support we provide is available to all and is more needed than ever due to increased isolation and the closure of support groups and networks. Click here to find out more and donate.

Something else?

Do you have a fantastic creative at home fundraising idea you want to try out? Give it a go and let us know!

Tell us your fundraising plans here, email fundraising@dementiauk.org or call 020 8036 5440.

However you choose to fundraise, please stay home, stay safe and always follow the current COVID-19 Government guidelines.