Lizzie with pin badge

Thanks for your interest in Dementia UK and our exclusive pin badges  

You may have chosen to support us having seen our campaign on Facebook and we are incredibly grateful for the interest you have shown. If you have signed up, look out for our call on 020 3369 1290 or 011 7298 0094 to hear how you can support our work.  You can click here for the donation page.

Families shouldn’t have to face dementia alone. One of our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses proved to be a lifeline for Lizzie and her family when her father was diagnosed with young onset dementia at 57.  

My mom retired early to care for my dad full-time. The care and advice she received from a specialist dementia nurse means we now have a more positive outlook.

Lizzie designed our exclusive pin badge to show others how the right support can lead to a positive life with dementia.  

Your support could provide more dementia specialist nurses to families affected by dementia, giving more carers the chance to make the most of their time with their loved ones.  


Why are we calling people who have requested a pin badge? 

A call from Dementia UK is one of the best ways for you to find out about the work we do to help families affected by dementia. We also want to let you know about ways you could support our work now and in the future.

What can people expect to happen on the phone call?  

The phone call will be a brief and relaxed chat and a direct way for us to find out more about the supporters of our campaign. It also enables us to find out why you are interested in Dementia UK.

Is there any obligation to give a donation?

There is no obligation to give a donation. If a supporter is keen to find out more, we would love to share details of our work and ways you can get involved. It is always your choice; all we ask is to have the opportunity to chat with you. The more people we speak to, the more people can spread the word about what we do.

Why are we asking for regular gifts?  

Demand for our services has risen and people living with dementia and their families have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that everyone who needs the support of a dementia specialist nurse should get one and we want to help as many families as we can. This is why we are asking for regular support, however small. It will help contribute towards us continuing to expand our services and support more families facing dementia. You can access the donation page here.

Can I opt out of telephone communication later on?  

Yes absolutely. You can opt out of further telephone communication at any point after the initial phone call.

Is there a telephone number associated with Dementia UK? 

You will be called on 020 3369 1290 or 011 7298 0094 so if you have requested a call, do look out for these!

Why are we using an agency? 

We use an agency in order to respond to those interested in this campaign effectively. The cost to us is small compared to the level of engagement and return on investment we can expect. Ultimately this will help us achieve our vision to support a greater number of people living with the effects of dementia. We have appointed an agency that we are proud to work in partnership with, whose staff are dedicated to ensuring we speak to our supporters in the best way possible.

Which agencies do we use? 

Currently, we are working with marketing agencies Stratcom and NTT Fundraising. However, in the future, we could work with other agencies as we review this regularly and aim to have a range of options in order to ensure our supporters receive the best communication service possible.