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The Business Development team has a dual role: to develop new and sustainable Admiral Nurse services and maintain current services by fostering positive partnerships with host organisations and supporting the Admiral Nurses who work with them. There are currently 383 Admiral Nurses throughout England, Scotland and Wales, but our goal is to increase this number to 500 by the end of 2025 and broaden the reach of Admiral Nurse services to include Northern Ireland.

Developing new services

  • supporting the scoping and development of business cases
  • developing Service Specifications and determining outcomes
  • managing partnership agreements i.e. Service Collaboration Agreements ( SCA)
  • supporting recruitment of nurses: job descriptions, adverts and interviews
  • providing a link to other relevant Dementia UK teams

Maintaining and supporting existing services

  • maintaining effective partnerships through regular contact with host organisations and commissioners
  • setting up and participating in Steering Groups
  • supporting additional service growth and service developments
  • supporting recruitment or special events
  • key support with any problems

Get in touch with the team

If you are interested in local Admiral Nurse services, hosting an Admiral Nurse, or finding out more about Dementia UK’s Business Development Team, please submit your enquiry via the form below.

  • If you are looking to host a service, please provide the following: