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Complaints policy

    Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through our Admiral Nurse service.

    We rely on the generous support of our donors and fundraisers, and couldn’t provide the Admiral Nursing service without them.

    We aim to provide a consistently high level of service. We understand that there may be occasions when a complainant may not be happy with the service they have received and we would ask that they let us know. Your views are important to us because it enables us to improve both the services we offer and our communications to you.

    We promise to take all complaints seriously, to acknowledge them (where contact details have been supplied), and to deal with them in a timely manner.

    If you have a complaint about a local Admiral Nurse Service, in the first instance you should direct your complaint to the Admiral Nurse Service. You can find contact details of all our services on the local information page.

    To make a complaint please fill out this form.

    What is a complaint?

    The definition of a complaint is “an expression that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.” We further define a complaint as, “an expression of dissatisfaction with Dementia UK, any services, fundraising or marketing materials and charity information we provide, and/or the behaviour of any member of staff”

    What will happen after I complain?

    Complaints should be made within three months of the event(s) concerned.

    Stage 1

    In the first instance, if you know the name or title of the member of staff or department your complaint relates to, you should make your complaint directly to them. They will try and help to resolve your concern and tell you what you can do if you want to take your complaint further.

    If an informal complaint is made (i.e. verbally, bringing a matter to our attention but not wanting to make a formal complaint), we will respond initially within three working days to acknowledge your complaint. We will aim to respond fully and conclusively to all complaints within 28 working days of receipt.

    Where do I send my complaint?

    In writing to:

    Dementia UK
    7th Floor,
    One Aldgate,
    EC3N 1RE

    by emailing:

    by telephoning our Supporter Care team on:

    0300 365 5500

    All complaints will be recorded for our records, and if related to fundraising will be shared with the Fundraising Regulator on request and where relevant.

    In more complex situations where it may take us to longer than 28 working days to respond, we will investigate the matter and get back to you as quickly as we can to let you know the reason for the delay. We will record your complaint and we will agree with you a deadline for resolution of your complaint.

    Stage 2

    If you are dissatisfied with the response you have been given and feel that your concerns have not been satisfactorily addressed, you can ask for your complaint to be referred to the Complaint Manager at Dementia UK, by writing to them at the following address:

    Complaint Manager Dementia UK, 7th floor, One Aldgate, London, EC3N 1RE

    Please explain clearly why you feel that your complaint has not been properly resolved and what you think should happen.

    The same response times will apply as at stage 1.

    Stage 3

    If after 28 working days following the complaint, the matter has not been addressed or you do not feel that your concerns have been resolved satisfactorily by Dementia UK, you may take your complaint to the relevant body.

    Fundraising Promise

    As a member of the Fundraising Regulator we aim to promote their Fundraising Promise wherever practical. That’s why we’d like to share our Fundraising Promise with you, so you know what you can expect from us when it comes to your donations. Read our Fundraising Promise.

    How to contact us:

    Supporter Care Call: 0300 365 5500 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)


    Write to:

    Supporter Care Team
    Dementia UK
    7th floor,
    One Aldgate,
    EC3N 1RE

    At Dementia UK we’re committed to delivering a high level of service and we’d like to thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, allowing us the opportunity to learn and improve.