Lives on Hold

Lives on Hold, an awareness campaign which we launched in 2020, shows how life for carers of people living with dementia is similar to living in lockdown for many months, and often years. As life begins to get back to a new kind of normal for most people, families living with dementia will see little change.

We know there are many thousands of families living with dementia who are unaware of the advice and support we can offer them through our Helpline and advice leaflets and videos.

We want to ensure that they are able to access the vital support that our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses provide.

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Linda, John and daughter

John and Linda's story

Before the pandemic there were many organisations that would coordinate respite care. Now there is no such thing as a break

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Hannah, Neil and their children

Hannah and Neil's story

I miss being able to go to work, and I miss being able to go out in the evening without having to worry about things. I miss my husband

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Beryl and Jim on their wedding day

Beryl and Jim's story

This lockdown has been very upsetting for both of us. Jim doesn’t understand what it is all about no matter how many times I try and explain it to him

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Natalie Tomlinson, Marketing and Communications Manager at Dementia UK

Lives on Hold - behind the scenes

Communications Manager Natalie Tomlinson, tells the behind-the-scenes story of our new campaign, Lives on Hold

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Do you have a question or concern about dementia – including Alzheimer’s? Our Admiral Nurses are here to support you with advice, one-to-one support, and practical information

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