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October Dog Walking Challenge

Walk your way through October with your furry friend, and count up the kilometres to help families facing dementia. The October Dog Walking Challenge is supported by

  • Date: 1st October 2023 - 31st October 2023
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This October, walk 100km with your dog. Do something amazing for yourself – and for families living with dementia.  

100km with your furry best friend.  

100km to make memories.  

100km to raise vital funds that change lives. 

Follow the steps below to request your free Dementia UK dog bandana and get involved:  

  1. Join our October Dog Walking Challenge Facebook Group
  2. Request your free Dementia UK dog bandana
  3. Set up a fundraising page on JustGiving

Every penny you raise will help us grow the number of dementia specialist Admiral Nurses so they can offer a lifeline to more families.

100km might sound like a lot, but you can walk at your own pace, in your own way – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Together, we can ensure no one has to face dementia alone.

Karen, who completed the October Dog Walking Challenge in 2022, said:

“I took on the challenge for my mum, who is in the early stages of dementia. It got me out in the fresh air, plus it gave me some escape, walking our dog and knowing that I was helping families facing dementia. The best moment was reaching the 100km point and seeing how proud and grateful my mum was that I was doing something for other people in a similar situation to ourselves.”

I’ve just signed up – now what?

The next step is to join the October Dog Walking Challenge Facebook Group. Once you’re in, you can register for your free dog bandana, set up your fundraiser, meet your fellow walkers and find out anything else you’d like to know about the challenge.

How do I fundraise?

Creating a JustGiving page is the quickest and easiest way to raise money.

Once you’ve logged into Facebook and joined our Facebook Group, click on our featured post to register and create your fundraiser.

Once you have created a fundraising page, be sure to share it with your family and friends via social media, text, email and WhatsApp.

Prefer to fundraise offline? Download a sponsorship form to get started today.

Is there a registration fee?

Taking part in the October Dog Walking Challenge for Dementia UK is free!

Is there a fundraising target?

There is no fundraising target for this challenge – we just ask you to raise as much as you can for families affected by dementia.

How can I send in sponsorship money I’ve collected offline?

The easiest way to send cash donations to Dementia UK is by donating to your online fundraising page. Alternatively, you can:

  • Send in a cheque made payable to Dementia UK. Enclose a note including your full name, the email address that you used to register for your t-shirt, and an explanation that you raised the money for the October Dog Walking Challenge. Post it to us at: Dementia UK, 7th Floor, One Aldgate, London EC3N 1RE
  • Make a bank transfer: please email for our bank details
  • Make a payment by phone by calling 0300 365 5500

Can I raise money without setting up an online fundraising page?

You certainly can. We’ll send you a sponsorship form with your dog bandana, but if you need more than one form, simply download and print more copies.

Please ask your sponsors to fill out all the columns so we can claim up to 25% Gift Aid.

Where do donations to my Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page go?

All donations made to your fundraiser will be sent directly to Dementia UK by Facebook and JustGiving. These vital donations will help support families facing dementia.

What if I set up two Facebook fundraisers by mistake?

If you have started two Facebook fundraisers, don’t worry: you can check and edit them. You can then close the one you no longer need, which will focus your fundraising onto one page.

What happens if donations don’t appear on my fundraising page straight away?

Normally, if donations don’t appear on your fundraising page immediately, they will within 48 hours. However, if your donation hasn’t appeared after this time there are a few different possibilities.

  • Donations from other countries can take a lot longer to come through to fundraising page and then to Dementia UK. This could take as long as several weeks
  • The donation didn’t go through. Please ask your donor to check if the money has left their account
  • PayPal takes up to three days to register to your fundraising page
  • Your sponsor didn’t donate to your fundraising page, but instead clicked the ‘donate now’ button which links directly to Dementia UK. Ask your sponsor to check the receipt they were emailed directly from JustGiving – this will say whether they donated to your JustGiving fundraiser, or straight to Dementia UK

If the problem persists, please email so we can investigate further.

Where and how can I complete my kilometers?

You can complete your kilometers wherever you like, however you like! Just make sure you record your walks and keep your sponsors updated on your progress.

How do I record how many kilometers I have walked?

Strava is a free, easy to use app that can track your kilometers throughout October. We highly recommend downloading it for this challenge. You will also receive an October Dog Walking Challenge tracker with your dog bandana, which you can use to tick off your kilometers.

Can I start early or late?

Of course! Our Facebook Group is active in October, when the majority of people are likely to take part, but you can do this challenge whenever is best for you. The more challenge participants we have, the more families can receive the life-changing support of our specialist dementia nurses.

Can I do more or less than 100km?

Absolutely. This is your challenge, and you can tailor it to suit you. Just be clear with your supporters about how far you are intending to go and keep them updated regularly with your progress.

What safety precautions should my dog and I take?

Safety should be the top priority when taking part in the October Dog Walking Challenge. You know your dog best and we encourage you to think about the distance you walk at one time and whether it is appropriate for your dog, especially if they are still a puppy. If you have any concerns about your furry friend, please consult a vet.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself and enjoy raising awareness and funds so our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses can support families. Do as much as you can. Update your sponsors regularly, be clear about how far you’ve come in your challenge, and make sure they are still happy to donate to Dementia UK.

How do I get my fundraising pack, including my dog bandana?

Visit our Facebook Group and fill in our October Dog Walking Challenge registration form with your details. It will take up to two weeks for your pack to arrive, so please be patient.

I still haven’t received my fundraising pack – where is it?

We’re sorry to hear you haven’t received your pack yet. If you have waited two weeks since completing the registration form, please email and we will investigate.

Can I get additional materials?

If you would like to buy some additional Dementia UK branded items, please visit our  shop. You’ll even find a different coloured dog bandana for sale so your four-legged friend can change their style throughout the month.

How are supporting the challenge?

We’re so excited to share that are supporting the October Dog Walking Challenge this year, by funding your fetching dog bandanas and spreading the word about the challenge throughout their dog loving community.

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We’re delighted to be supporting Dementia UK for this year’s October Dog Walking Challenge. At we understand the unique bond between owners and their pets. Getting out with your dog is a great way to spend quality time together and provides the perfect opportunity to also raise money for an incredibly important cause.

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