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Walk 31 Miles in May

Are you ready to stride into May with a spring in your step and make a real difference to families facing dementia?

Lace up your shoes and join us for a fun walking adventure which you can take on in your own way, at your own pace and in your local area!

One in two of us will be affected by dementia in our lifetime – whether by developing the condition ourselves, caring for someone with the diagnosis, or both. Let’s take steps together to build a world where no one faces dementia alone.

How does it work?

  1. Join the Facebook Group and connect with thousands of fellow walkers across the UK.
  2. Register for your free Dementia UK t-shirt and set up your fundraising page.
  3. Spread the word – let your loved ones know about the amazing challenge you have set yourself, and share your fundraising page.
  4. On Wednesday 1st May 2024, it’s time to get walking! Every step counts, and so does every penny raised.
  5. Once you reach your 31-mile goal at the end of the challenge, we’ll send you a virtual medal and certificate to celebrate your amazing achievements!

If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQs below or contact us at

We hope you’ll be part of our wonderful community. Be sure to say hello when you join the Facebook Group and keep us posted about how your challenge is going. Share your progress, swap stories, and cheer each other on! Together, we’ll celebrate every milestone reached.

Take on this challenge and walk with purpose this spring.

I decided to sign up as a heartfelt thank you for the support given to me by my amazing Admiral Nurse when my husband was diagnosed with dementia. I was close to breakdown, but my Admiral Nurse stood by me throughout. I really don't know what I would have done without his ongoing support. I liked the sound of the walking challenge, and as I did it, I kept beating my goals and making new ones, until I eventually walked 102.2 miles in May! I was constantly amazed at the generosity of the people who sponsored me.

Rachel, who took on the Walk 31 Miles in May Challenge in 2023

Can you tell me more about the event?

We are challenging you to Walk 31 Miles throughout the month of May! This is a virtual event, so you can take it on wherever and whenever works best for you. You can aim to walk one mile a day or build your mileage by tackling some longer walks.

In the run-up to the challenge and during May, you will be able to connect with thousands of other walkers in our Facebook Group and feel an amazing sense of achievement when you hit 31 miles at the end of the month.

How do I register for the challenge?

The first step is to join the Walk 31 Miles in May Facebook Group. Once you’re in, you can meet your fellow walkers and find out anything else you’d like to know about the challenge.

Then be sure to register for your free Dementia UK t-shirt and set up a fundraising page.

Once you have registered and set up your fundraiser, you’ll be ready to go! Get some practice walks in so you’re prepared for your challenge once Wednesday 1st May 2024 comes around.

Is there a registration fee?

Taking part in the Walk 31 Miles in May Challenge for Dementia UK is free!

Is there a fundraising target?

There is no fundraising target for this challenge – we just ask you to raise as much as you can for families affected by dementia.

Do I need to use Facebook to take part?

No – if you’d prefer you can take on the challenge without using Facebook. You can register for the challenge here and click ‘Submit without activating a fundraiser yet’.

How can I send in sponsorship money I’ve collected offline?

The easiest way to send cash donations to Dementia UK is by donating to your online fundraising page. Alternatively, you can:

  • donate via our website
  • send in a cheque made payable to Dementia UK. Enclose a note including your full name, the email address that you used to register for your t-shirt, and an explanation that you raised the money for the Walk 31 Miles in May Challenge. Post it to us at:

Dementia UK , 7th Floor One Aldgate London EC3N 1RE

How do I fundraise?

Creating a Facebook fundraiser is the quickest and easiest way to raise money.

Want to create a JustGiving page instead? Head to the JustGiving website to create your fundraising page.

Once you have created a fundraising page, be sure to share it with your family and friends and family via social media, text, email and WhatsApp.

Can I raise money without setting up an online fundraising page?

You certainly can. We’ll send you a sponsorship form with your t-shirt, but if you need more than one form, simply  download and print more copies.

Please ask your sponsors to fill out all the columns so we can claim up to 25% Gift Aid.

Where do donations to my Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page go?

All donations made to your fundraiser will be sent directly to Dementia UK by Facebook and JustGiving. These vital donations will help support families facing dementia.

How do I get my free t-shirt?

To register for your t-shirt, please complete the registration form. It will take up to two weeks for your t-shirt to arrive, so please be patient.

I still haven’t received my t-shirt – where is it?

We’re sorry to hear you haven’t received your t-shirt yet. If you have waited two weeks since completing the registration form, please email and we will investigate.

Can I get more than one t-shirt for the challenge?

We send out one t-shirt per participant. If you would like to buy some additional Dementia UK branded items, please visit our shop. You’ll find adult and children’s t-shirts here!

Where and how can I complete my miles?

You can complete your miles wherever you like, however you like! Just make sure you record your walks and keep your sponsors updated on your progress.

How do I record how many miles I have walked?

Strava is a free, easy to use app that can track your miles throughout May. We highly recommend downloading it for this challenge. You will also receive a Walk 31 Miles in May tracker with your t-shirt, which you can use to tick off your miles too.

Can I start early or late?

Of course! Our Facebook Group is active in May, when the majority of people are likely to take part, but you can do this challenge whenever is best for you. The more participants we have, the more families can receive the life-changing support of our specialist dementia nurses.

Can I do more or less than 31 miles?

Absolutely. This is your challenge, and you can tailor it to suit you. Just be clear with your supporters about how far you are intending to go and keep them updated regularly with your progress.

What safety precautions should I take?

Safety should be your top priority when taking part in the Walk 31 Miles in May Challenge. You know yourself best and we encourage you to think about the distance you walk at one time. If you are walking alone, make sure someone you trust knows your plans, always carry a fully charged phone with you, and please do stay alert. We’d also advise taking rest days whenever you feel you need them, and staying hydrated, especially if the weather is warm.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself and enjoy raising awareness and funds so our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses can support families. Do as much as you can. Update your sponsors regularly, be clear about how far you’ve come in your challenge, and make sure they are still happy to donate to Dementia UK.