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Macfarlanes – we need you now!

Almost all of us will know someone with dementia. It can be devastating. It is always heart-breaking. And it will affect over half of your colleagues – whether they are living with the condition themselves or have a family member with the diagnosis.  

Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia. That’s 209,600 new families who need our support every year. And we cannot do it on our own. 

A vote for Dementia UK can help make sure that no family has to face dementia alone.

Hannah’s husband, Neil, was diagnosed with young onset dementia when he was just 51. A partnership with Macfarlanes will help support more families, like Hannah’s. Please take a moment to watch their story.

Hannah and Neil's story

We are Dementia UK – the only specialist dementia nurse charity

Our specialist dementia nurses, known as Admiral Nurses, are there for the whole family. Today, there are around 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK, and it doesn’t just impact the person with the diagnosis – everyone around them is affected in some way.  

That’s why Dementia UK is here. 

Our nurses provide life-changing advice and support to anyone affected by dementia, whenever it’s needed. As experts in the condition, their tailored, life-changing support helps families through the fear and confusion of dementia. From sharing practical tips for caring to offering compassionate emotional support and helping families plan for the future, they are there when people need them most. 

With the support of an Admiral Nurse and Dementia UK – whether it’s on our Helpline, through our virtual or face-to-face clinics, or in the community – the families we support know they’re not alone.  

We believe every family affected by dementia deserves the support of an Admiral Nurse – but right now, we can’t reach everyone who needs us. That’s why we need your help. Our partnership will provide a lifeline to families affected by dementia. Every penny raised by Macfarlanes will fund a brand-new nurse in London and support 1,300 families through our national Helpline.  

Together, we can support more families like Hannah’s, and give them the understanding, compassion and quality of care that we would all want for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Our partnership

Admiral Nurse Gary

Our specialist dementia nurses are at the heart of every partnership. You’ll always feel connected to the difference Macfarlanes is making, and our nurses will be there to support colleagues facing the everyday challenges of dementia. We’ll also host dementia masterclasses with nurses like Gary, who some of you will have met at Dementia UK’s stand in your offices on Thursday 7th September 2023.  

As your next charity partner, we will listen to your interests and co-create a bespoke calendar of events with engaging opportunities to support us. For example, you could join our team of committed London Marathon runners, fundraise and follow ‘five ways to wellbeing’ with our ‘Macfarlanes wellbeing wheel’ or get involved with one of Dementia UK’s flagship events such as Time for a Cuppa or our Dog Walking Challenge.  

You can also volunteer your time to help us support families living with dementia. Across the partnership, we’ll share specific opportunities as they arise in the local area, such as producing ‘winter warmer’ care packages during the coldest months of year.   

We’ll go above and beyond to support you across our partnership!  

I’m voting for Dementia UK because the work it does is transformational for families affected by dementia. Many of us, or our loved ones, may need its help in the years to come. We can make a genuine long-term difference by funding new nurses to provide the specialist care this vital work requires.

-Will David, Senior Consultant, Macfarlanes

Hannah sitting next to Admiral Nurse Lizzie

Specialist dementia nurse Lizzie and Hannah, whose husband lives with dementia