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An admiral nurse counsels an older woman

What is an Admiral Nurse and how can they help?

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses. Continually supported and developed by Dementia UK, they provide life-changing support for families affected by all forms of dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease.

Our nurses are here when people need help. They have the time to listen and the knowledge to solve problems.

As dementia specialists, Admiral Nurses help families manage complex needs, considering the person living with dementia and the people around them. When people are struggling, our nurses help them take back control. When friends and family are worried about a loved one, they give them the confidence to manage their future with dementia.

Admiral Nurses help people living with dementia stay independent for longer – and support the people caring for them so that they will have the strength to cope with the bad days, and the energy to enjoy the good days.

Admiral Nurses work in local community services, GP practices and NHS hospitals, care homes, and hospices. They also run our Dementia Helpline and Clinic appointments.

Why Admiral Nurses?

Admiral Nurses were named by the family of Joseph Levy CBE BEM, who founded the charity. Joseph had vascular dementia and was known affectionately as “Admiral Joe” because of his love of sailing.

How can an Admiral Nurse help me?

  • If communication gets hard, we’re on hand with skills and techniques to help you stay connected to the person you love
  • If someone with dementia is showing signs of fear or distress, we’ll work with you to find the best ways of preventing or managing this
  • If you want some advice on the financial benefits that you may be able to claim, we can talk this through with you and provide details of services and organisations that can support you
  • If your family is struggling to cope, we’ll be there to help you get your loved one the best possible additional care and support
  • If you have questions you can’t get answered we’ll take the time to really understand the problem, and give you the expert support you need to tackle it

Admiral Nurses: a lifeline for families

Dementia can be devastating for the whole family. Too often, people are left to cope alone with ever-changing and relentless challenges. Families often have to take on caring responsibilities that push them to their physical, emotional and financial limits. Our nurses are there to help when people need them most.

To find out if there is an Admiral Nurse service in your area, contact our Helpline.