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Resources for teachers and youth workers

There will be an estimated one million people living with dementia in the UK by 2025. Dementia has an impact on the whole family, including children. Children may see changes occurring in their relative and not understand what is happening, or feel able to talk about it.

We’ve produced a toolkit for teachers and youth groups, featuring a presentation about dementia, as well as an activity sheet for children to get them thinking and talking about dementia. These resources work alongside the ‘Information for teachers’ and ‘Frequently asked questions by children’ documents, below.

Let’s talk about dementia

We have produced a short animation film, ‘Let’s talk about dementia’, to help raise awareness about dementia among children, helping them to start conversations and share their personal experiences.

An activity sheet has been produced to support learning for children in understanding more about dementia.

Children, teenagers and young adults may need extra support if someone in their family has dementia. This is especially true if it is a parent. In this short film, Admiral Nurse Rachel talks about helping young people understand the changes their relationship might go through, and providing emotional support.