Our strategy and annual reports

Our vision is to provide the specialist and compassionate support for all families that need it, through our Admiral Nurse service.

When things get challenging or difficult for people with dementia and their families, Admiral Nurses work alongside them, giving the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions people need.

In the last three years we have doubled the number of Admiral Nurses across the UK. Our aim is to increase the number of Admiral Nurses by a further 50% during the period of this strategy and our ambition is for an Admiral Nurse service to be accessible to every part of the UK.

Read our strategy for 2017-2020

Reporting back to you

It’s really important to us to be open and transparent with everyone who comes into contact with us. Our annual reports will show you what we’ve been working on for the past year and the years before.

Read the Dementia UK Annual Report 2019

Read the Dementia UK Impact Report 2019


Watch our Impact Report Animation:

Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline

The Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline is for anyone with a question or concern about dementia. From looking out for the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s, to understanding the challenges of living with someone with vascular dementia, our specialist Admiral Nurses have the knowledge and experience to understand the situation and suggest answers that might be hard to find elsewhere.

Call our Dementia Helpline for free on 0800 888 6678 or send an email to helpline@dementiauk.org.