Maintaining health in dementia videos

Good habits for bedtime

Sleep disturbance and issues around bedtime can be very common in people with dementia. This may result in an unsettled night, meaning neither the person with dementia nor their carer is getting enough sleep. This video provides some tips about developing good habits at bedtime.


Incontinence can be distressing for everybody concerned. This video provides tips on how to avoid it, what to do in the moment and how to get help.
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Calming Techniques

This video provides calming techniques which may help a person with dementia as well as their carer. This includes a breathing technique known as the signal breath.

Creating a ‘Life Story’

A ‘Life Story’ is a tool that’s often used by Admiral Nurses. It involves working with families to create a Life Story account for the person with dementia – full of photos, memorabilia and recollections from their life – to help the person reminisce and to show others who they are and what they care about.