Looking after yourself as a carer

Coping with feelings of guilt

Looking after someone with dementia can be a 24-hour a day job, and you might feel guilty because you are tired and flagging, or simply not able to be with the person every minute, day and night

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Looking after yourself when you care for someone

It is vital to look after yourself and to try and take part in activities you enjoy. If you are not well and do not have enough support or time to recharge your batteries, you will not be able to continue

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The death of someone close is often a shock, even if you are expecting it, and it is hard to prepare yourself for how you may feel. For most of us, the death of someone close to us will be the biggest loss we face

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We’ve put together a number of videos featuring our Admiral Nurses giving advice on subjects such as ‘Looking after yourself as a carer’ and ‘What to do when someone stops recognising you’

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We know that living with dementia can be overwhelming. Our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses are here to help, with the time to listen and the knowledge to solve problems

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