Family and carer support

Coping with bereavement

The death of someone close is often a shock, even if you are expecting it, and it is hard to prepare yourself for how you may feel. For most of us, the death of someone close to us will be the biggest loss we face

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Considering a care home

Looking after someone with dementia can be challenging, and there may come a time when you are unable to look after them at home anymore; or it is in everyone’s interests that residential care is considered

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Caring from a distance

Caring from a distance is when you support and help someone from afar. It could be a mile away, ten miles, the next county or another country

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Coping with feelings of guilt

Looking after someone with dementia can be a 24-hour a day job, and you might feel guilty because you are tired and flagging, or simply not able to be with the person every minute, day and night

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Finding help and assistance at home

Caring for a person with dementia can be emotionally and physically challenging. There are various options open to you to get some additional support, and it’s important that you find the right type of help for you and the person with dementia

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When someone doesn't recognise you

Often, people with dementia stop recognising those around them. Our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses share their advice on coping with this difficult stage

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Recognising the later stages

When a person with dementia is nearing the end of life, compassionate care is essential for their comfort and dignity

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Changing relationships and roles

A change in the person with dementia’s abilities, alongside this growing sense of protectiveness, can lead to changes in the roles of family members. For a couple, one might now feel that they are turning into a care-giver for the person with dementia, rather than an equal partner. These changes in roles can be very difficult for people

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Looking after yourself

It is vital to look after yourself and to try and take part in activities you enjoy. If you are not well and do not have enough support or time to recharge your batteries, you will not be able to continue

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Understanding dying

Dementia is a progressive condition, and everyone with the diagnosis will die with or from it. Understanding the changes that happen in the last days can help you feel more prepared for what to expect

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