Diagnosis and specialist support

What is an Admiral Nurse?

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses. Continually supported and developed by Dementia UK, they provide life-changing support for families affected by all forms of dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease

How they can help

Call the Dementia Helpline

The nurses on our Helpline are here when people need help. They have the time to listen and the knowledge to solve problems.

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Book an appointment

Talk to an Admiral Nurse at a time that works for you by video or telephone call

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How to get a diagnosis of dementia

If you are concerned about your own memory, or you are worried about changes you have noticed with the memory, personality or behaviour of someone close to you, it is important to consult a GP as soon as possible

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After a diagnosis: next steps

A simple checklist of what to ask, what to do and who to approach – so the important next steps are clearly outlined in one place, with links to more detailed information to consider later, when it’s needed

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Getting the best out of GP and other health appointments

When someone lives with dementia, they often have frequent GP and other healthcare appointments. Our guide will help you get the most from every consultation

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GP online services

Trying to keep a person with dementia healthy, other than their dementia, might involve managing GP and other health professional appointments, as well as managing other serious health conditions and any medication they are taking

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Getting the most out of a remote consultation

This information aims to help both the person with the diagnosis of dementia, and their family and friends, get the most out of remote consultations

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Tests for dementia - including Alzheimer's disease

When should you be tested for memory problems? What does the test for dementia involve? Here is a Q&A featuring commonly asked questions about getting your memory tested

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