Coronavirus (Covid-19): information for families looking after someone with dementia

As the Covid-19 legal restrictions are being lifted throughout the UK, we are still here to support you through any anxieties you may have.

Key information for you now that restrictions have ended

Now that restrictions have ended for many, life will look more similar to how it was pre-pandemic. However, we understand that there are some families who may be feeling anxious about what this new period will mean, particularly if you have got used to a specific routine during lockdown

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Giving the Covid-19 vaccine to someone living with dementia

If you are a carer or relative to a person with dementia, you may want to think how you can prepare and support them to have the Covid-19 vaccine

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Covid-19's long tail

Whilst society will now start to see some normality, the long tail of Covid-19 will be felt strongly

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Care homes and the coronavirus outbreak

Dr Sarah Russell and Suzanne Wightman from our Professional and Practice Development Team have put together some common questions and answers for people living in care homes, their families and the care home staff

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Registering as a carer with your GP

It’s important to consider accessing the Carers Register at your local GP surgery so the GP can identify the effects caring can have on your health

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Impact of Covid-19 – summary report of carers’ experiences

Many people affected by dementia were already facing a lack of support before the Covid-19 pandemic. We carried out a survey to assess the impact of the pandemic on families affected by dementia. This report was put together by the Insights and Evaluation team

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