Do Your Own Thing for Dementia UK

Fundraising with children

Check out our ideas for fun-draising activities to keep children entertained and doing something good

The Do it Daily for dementia nurses challenge

Every day our dementia specialist nurses support people with dementia and their families with the many different challenges they face. By taking on our five-day challenge and donating £5, you can help us support more families struggling to cope with dementia. The Do It Daily challenge is full of active, creative and skill-based tasks to keep your children entertained. Find out more here.

Quick and easy fun-draising at home

  • Take on a challenge you can do at home and ask people to sponsor you. For example, you could try and complete a sponsored skip, run, cycle or homemade obstacle course! You could video it and send to family and friends who are unable to attend
  • Replace going to the cinema with a special movie night and donate the cost of a family’s cinema trip to dementia nurses. Make homemade tickets and create your own pick-and-mix sweets and popcorn station
  • Earn it for charity and commit to doing your chores for dementia nurses. Donate your pocket money to help families facing dementia

Whatever you choose to do we’d love to hear about it. Tell us your fundraising plans here, email or call 020 8036 5440.

Creative connections

Right now it may feel difficult for children (and adults) who are not able to see family and friends in person. While online contact is great, there are lots of ways to make this more creative and meaningful.

Either download and write your own answers on our ‘Closer to You’ letter which you can the send to your loved one; or try one of our creative ideas below to connect to those you love.

  • Paint a family portrait – include all the family members you can’t see, take a photo of the final painting and share it with them so they can print it and put it on their wall
  • Hold a virtual storytime – read a short story or book over the phone or on video chat; this is great way for younger children to practice their reading skills
  • Start a memory board or scrapbook – include photos, favourite activities done together, favourite places visited and memories you hope to make in the future
  • Wishes jar – write down the activities you wish you could do with family you can’t see onto slips of paper. Decorate a jar or tin and put all your activities inside. Then you can pick them out once you are back together, and do them!

Colouring activity

Print our colouring sheets to try at home: download #DoItForDementiaNurses colouring sheet and Dementia UK logo colouring sheet. We’d love to see the finished product, so send them to us at or tag us on social media Facebook: @DementiaUK, Twitter: @DementiaUK, Instagram: @dementia_uk.

School fundraising ideas

There are lots of ways that children and young people can help us reach more families facing dementia through fundraising at school and home

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Get in touch

Whatever you choose to do we’d love to hear about it. Tell us your fundraising plans here, email or call 020 8036 5440.