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Admiral Nurses work alongside families to give them the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to face dementia with more confidence and less fear. Read how our nurses help families cope and what this vital support means to them

Alf and Mary Howarth

Alf and Mary's story

After Mary was diagnosed with vascular dementia, husband Alf found it difficult to deal with the emotional strain he was under – until he met Admiral Nurse Anna, his ‘angel’

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Jean Broscombe, Volunteer Ambassador

Jean and Derek's story

Jean from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire was married to Derek for over 30 years. Sadly in 2011 Derek was diagnosed with dementia and Jean’s difficult struggle to care for him began until he died in 2018

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Diana and Lester - Remember a Star

Diana and Lester's story

“Sam, our Admiral Nurse, was brilliant at helping me try to understand what Lester might be going through. It’s so difficult, because when you can’t ask someone what they’re feeling, you can’t ever be sure. But she helped me to understand his behaviour a bit better”

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Maureen and Michael's story

“Caring for someone with dementia is like living on a knife edge; it is so unpredictable and certainly has its challenges. You go through so many mixed emotions, pity, anger, frustration and even despair. My Admiral Nurse Katie became an absolute lifeline”

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Alison and Jess

Alison and Philip's story

Alison’s life changed when her long-term partner, Philip, seemed to become very stressed and confused a lot of the time

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Colin and Gladys

Colin and Gladys' story

Colin and his family struggled alone before they met Admiral Nurse Kellie

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Geoff and Margaret on their wedding day

Geoff and Margaret's story

Geoff and his wife Margaret, had been happily married for nearly 60 years when he realised that she was not acting her usual self

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Sue and Ann's story

Sue and Ann's story

Find out how our specialist dementia Nurse, Julie, helped Sue and her mum Ann come back together when it was looking impossible

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Roger and Mary

Roger and Mary's story

After two years Mary was finally told she probably had early stage Alzheimer’s but wouldn’t know for definite until she had died. Admiral Nurse Mekala was there to help

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Bahman and Vincent

Bahman and Kathleen's story

When Kathleen, a former GP, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her husband, Bahman, was devastated to learn there was no cure

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