Holding books up in the air

Books about dementia

Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading can be a great way to increase understanding about dementia, as well as providing a useful activity with people with dementia to help stimulate and maintain connections

Supporting people with dementia and their family carers to continue reading

Rachel Thompson tells us about some of challenges reading poses to people affected by dementia, as well as the initiatives working to face those challenges

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The arts, creativity and dementia

Dr. Karen Harrison Dening discusses the benefits of the arts and other creative pursuits. Reading can be a great way to evoke memories and help start conversations, which can bring great pleasure and help the person with dementia reminisce

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Book recommendations from our Admiral Nurses

For National Read A Book Day, our Admiral Nurses have put together a list of book recommendations to increase understanding and empathy around dementia

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Books to break down the stigma of dementia

Dementia is a condition which can leave many people in the dark. Our Admiral Nurses have put together a list of their book recommendations to shine a light on the condition for people who have been diagnosed, as well as unpaid and professional carers alike

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Dementia across culture and ethnicities

Dr Julia Botsford is a specialist in the area of dementia in black and Asian minority (BAME) communities – and the editor, along with Karen Harrison Dening, of the book Dementia, Culture and Ethnicity: Issue for All? We talked to her about the questions and issues that cultural and ethnic differences can raise in the provision of support and the creation of services for those living with dementia and their families

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Storytelling and dementia - 'Burnt Sugar'

Dr Karen Harrison Dening reviews ‘Burnt Sugar’; the story of a mother and daughter spanning several decades, and the effects of dementia on the relationship

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The Old King in His Exile

Consultant Admiral Nurse Rachel Thompson reviews this sensitive and compelling book by Austrian author Arno Geiger, telling his story of a son’s experience caring for his father with dementia

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Anna and the Beast: The true story of a young mum diagnosed with dementia, aged 37

Admiral Nurse Amy Kerti reviews this book by Christine Reddall; a mother’s honest and heart-breaking account of her family’s experience of their daughter, Anna’s, early-onset behavioural variant Fronto-Temporal Dementia

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Young onset dementia books

We have put together a list of books written by people living with young onset dementia, family members and other authors, including autobiographies, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. You can also find books about dementia that have been written for children

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