About young onset dementia

In this section you will find information about young onset dementia, the most common types and symptoms and facts and figures about the condition. We have also included links to information about getting a diagnosis and what to do after receiving a diagnosis.

What is young onset dementia?

An explanation of the differences between young onset versus late onset dementia

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Facts and figures

For information about young onset dementia prevalence, diagnosis, common types and impact

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Types and symptoms

Find out more about the main types of dementia including rare dementias more commonly experienced by younger people

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Getting a diagnosis

Information about getting a dementia diagnosis and the benefits of seeking one at an early stage

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After a diagnosis of dementia

A ‘next steps’ checklist of what to do after a diagnosis of dementia

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Join the Young Dementia Network

A community of people living with young onset dementia, their family and friends, as well as professionals who work in the field of health and social care and voluntary sector

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