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Young onset dementia

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia aged under 65 is relatively rare and information about young onset dementia and age-appropriate support can be hard for people to find.

Although younger people experience similar symptoms to older people with dementia, due to their age, the impact on their lives and family is significantly different. And most people affected by the condition know no one else in their situation, so may feel very isolated.

Dementia UK has created a section of content about young onset dementia to bring together information and resources that have been created specifically for younger people, that cover the key issues that you may face.

Our website features information about young onset dementia, life with the condition, as well as a listing of young onset dementia related resources such as films, books, blogs and publications to help you to feel better informed and supported. It also includes a collection of personal stories so you can read about the experience of others who are in a similar situation.

In addition to the information provided here, anyone with a question or concern about young onset dementia can call our Dementia Helpline for free on 0800 888 6678, send an email to or fill in the form on this page or if you prefer, you can book a phone or video appointment at a time to suit you at

About young onset dementia

For information about young onset dementia, common types and symptoms, facts and figures and getting a diagnosis

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Living with young onset dementia

Sharing information to help you to find out more about life with the condition and how to adapt after a diagnosis

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Find support

Support for younger people can be hard to find so we have created a database of young onset groups and services across the UK

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A selection of young onset dementia related books, blogs, films and publications to help you learn more about the condition

Young onset dementia resources

Personal stories

Read the inspiring personal stories of people living with young onset dementia, their partners, siblings, children and friends

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The Young Dementia Network

The Network is a collaboration between people affected by and working in the field of young onset dementia

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