Colin and Gladys

Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with dementia

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Colin and Gladys

My name is Colin and I met my Gladys in January 1958. We were married the same year. I loved Gladys from the moment I saw her and knew I always wanted to be with her. We travelled together, we opened a youth club together, and we brought three wonderful children into the world.

Whatever happened with Gladys’ dementia we were absolutely not going to be separated and it was having the support of Kellie, our Admiral Nurse, that made this possible. She advised me to get Gladys reassessed so we could get more help and if her symptoms changed, or if something was getting us down, my two daughters and I could always contact Kellie.

Kellie continued to visit me after Gladys had died and helped me to rebuild my life. Your gift could pay for an Admiral Nurse to be with someone like me. I can’t tell you the difference that makes.

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