‘Together Again’

We know that dementia can be a frightening and lonely place. And dementia doesn’t just affect the person with the diagnosis – spouses or partners, and surrounding family and friends are all impacted too.

This animation explores those feelings of being lost in dementia – and how the support and guidance of an Admiral Nurse can help bring people back together again.

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Dementia UK and the Admiral Nurse Service

Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need. When things get challenging or difficult, our nurses work alongside families, giving them the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need to face dementia with more confidence and less fear.

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What is an Admiral Nurse?

Help us support more families living with dementia

With over 850,000 people in the UK now diagnosed with dementia, the need for the specialist support of our Admiral Nurses is at an all-time high – and growing. Please help us be there for more families facing dementia by donating today.

The specialist support Admiral Nurses provide

Admiral Nurses take the time to assess the situation and get to know the family members involved. They understand the challenges that dementia can bring, and they have a range of specialist knowledge and skills to help give families affected by dementia some precious moments of calm and connection.

In the five videos below you can watch our Admiral Nurses give practical advice about dementia care.

Looking after your relationships as a carer

When you’re caring for someone with dementia, whether that be a partner, parent or relative, sometimes the dementia can get in the way of the relationship itself. This video investigates ways to look past the dementia and see the person themselves.
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Looking after yourself as a carer

When you’re fully focused on caring for someone, your own needs may seem a lower priority. You might neglect your own health, or see less of your friends and family. This video looks at suggestions for maintaining your health and well-being when you have caring responsibilities.
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Creating a ‘Life Story’ for a person with dementia

A ‘Life Story’ is a tool that’s often used by Admiral Nurses. It involves working with families to create a Life Story account for the person with dementia – full of photos, memorabilia and recollections from their life – to help the person reminisce and to show others who they are and what they care about.
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Coping with feelings of guilt

Feelings of guilt are common for people looking after someone with dementia. You might feel like you’re not living up to expectations, or you might be feeling resentful of the person that you care for. This is totally normal but there are things you can do to make sure the guilt doesn’t overwhelm you.
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What to do when someone stops recognising you

It can be difficult when a family member with dementia stops recognising you – but please remember that not being recognised doesn’t mean you’re totally forgotten. In this video, our nurse has some useful tips for dealing with this, including using visual cues to help a person with dementia reconnect with you.
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We’re here to help

Need help now? You can speak to an Admiral Nurse on our Dementia Helpline, 0800 888 6678, between 9am to 9pm on weekdays, and 9am-5pm at weekends.

If you want to contact us outside of those times, you can email us or fill in an online form using the details below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our leaflets
We have a series of free information leaflets about dementia that you can download.

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Why we decided to make ‘Together Again’

There are tens of thousands of families across the UK who are affected by dementia, all of whom could benefit from the support of a specialist Admiral Nurse. But there are currently only 220 Admiral Nurses, even though the service has been expanding rapidly in recent months.

So we decided to make an animated film – ‘Together Again’. The film tells the story of a worried husband and his wife who has dementia, separated by a stormy sea which represents the challenges they’re facing. But thanks to an Admiral Nurse and her expert guidance and practical support, the couple are reunited and able to share a precious moment of reconnection and calm.

Our aim in making this film is both to raise awareness of Admiral Nurses amongst the families that need their support, and to encourage people to support us in our mission to expand the service further. We’re determined that every family facing the challenges of dementia should have access to the specialist support of an Admiral Nurse.