“Speaking to the Admiral Nurse was the calm in my storm”

This is Tina Wormley’s story of caring for her mother Mary, who was facing dementia, and how our Admiral Nurses were able to support her.

“Mum had such a zest for life. She was a loving mother, a loyal friend and an intelligent woman. Dementia took all that away. By the end, she was helpless and we were scrabbling around in the dark.

In the agony of those final weeks, someone told me about Admiral Nurses and I called Dementia UK’s helpline. That conversation with an Admiral Nurse was the calm in my storm.

The first sign of mum’s dementia was when she refused to leave the house. Then she struggled to get out of bed and her language became confused. But even as her words escaped her, she never forgot our names.

When she became bedbound the terrible pain started. I didn’t know how to help her. I wasn’t a doctor, just a daughter feeling desperate and out of her depth.

Tina’s mum Mary

I was so stressed when I called Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline and spoke to Julie, but she helped me understand what might happen to mum and gave me practical ideas to help her pain. Julie’s clear, calm voice soothed me: “You’re doing a wonderful job,” she said.

Dementia UK’s helpline is staffed by experienced Admiral Nurses like Julie. They have specialist expertise and training in caring for people with dementia and providing practical, clinical and emotional support to their families. But as more people are diagnosed the helpline is struggling to meet the demand.

Donate today and you could help Admiral Nurses to answer more calls, giving carers like me the help they urgently need. While nothing can take away the pain of losing someone you love to dementia – knowing an Admiral Nurse is just a phone call away can help you feel a little less lost and alone.

Thank you so much for reading my story.”

Tina Wormley

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