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For Lester, for Diana, for every family with dementia…

When Diana’s husband Lester was diagnosed with dementia at just 59, she was determined to care for him at home. But over the years, the changes to his behaviour made it more and more difficult for Diana to look after him.

Bewildered and frustrated, Diana didn’t know what to do. Lester was losing interest in everything he used to care about, and Diana was afraid that he would leave the hob on or leave the house and get lost. When Diana finally convinced Lester to visit the memory clinic, they met their wonderful Admiral Nurse, Sam. Sam’s years of experience with dementia meant she could help Diana understand why Lester’s personality was changing, and imagine how he might be feeling. Sam gave her practical tips and advice to help keep Lester safe, as well as provide a shoulder to lean on, when things were particularly tough.

Sam is there for Diana and Lester, when they need her most and  will continue to be there for them. This is thanks to people like you and  your generous support.

By Remembering a Star today, you’ll be showing people like Diana and Lester that they’re not alone, and you’ll help them get the specialist support they deserve. What an incredible Christmas gift that will be.

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There is no glossing over the difficulties this condition brings but with my nurse’s help, I’m getting through.

– Diana

Diana and Lester