“I truly hope that every family experiencing dementia who is without an Admiral Nurse finds their ‘angel’, as I did.” – Family carer, Alf.

Please help recruit and support more Admiral Nurses

Every three minutes, someone discovers that a person they love has dementia.

Nothing can truly prepare families for how dementia can turn their lives upside down. But Dementia UK makes sure they don’t have to cope alone.

Our Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need. They make sure that a family understands what dementia is and how it is affecting the person they love at every stage. They offer specialist assessments, counselling, advice and support.

There are 229 Admiral Nurses working in communities across the country and on our Helpline, but they simply cannot meet the demand for their expertise.

That’s why we are launching an urgent appeal to recruit and train three more Admiral Nurses in the next three months.

Your gift today could help to ensure that people like Alf aren’t left to struggle alone.  Three nurses would be able to support around two hundred families, like Alf’s, every year.

Alf and Mary had been together for 55 years when Mary started to show the first distressing signs of dementia.

The family struggled to get a diagnosis. When it came, they did their best to cope, but before long, they reached crisis point.

That’s when they were referred to their local Admiral Nurse, Anna. “Anna listened to my concerns and offered practical advice on how to deal with many of the obstacles we were facing,” Says Alf.

Anna helped Alf understand that Mary was becoming overwhelmed and confused. She showed him that he could change the way he talked and help Mary stay calm.

“It was hugely helpful to have Anna by my side because I don’t have the knowledge to ask for any improvements that are needed to Mary’s care,” Alf explained.

Will you help us increase the number of Admiral Nurses, so more families can have someone truly expert and caring by their side?

Thank you. Your support will help ensure that no family has to face dementia alone.

We’re very grateful to Alf for allowing me to share his family’s story with you. Sadly, Mary recently passed away. Anna will continue to support Alf and his family for as long as they need her.