Sally’s story

February 11, 2019
Colin and Doris
Sally's Time for a Cuppa event

My in-laws, Colin and Doris, have always been dear to me and my husband, John, and especially to our three children.

There came a point when John’s father, Colin, was getting frailer which led to increasing visits to the hospital. At the same time, Doris was becoming increasingly forgetful and struggling to get words out right. She would forget important things like Colin’s medication and her handbag when on family holidays.

It all came to a head when an ambulance had been called by the neighbours after Colin was walking down the streets not knowing where he was and talking incoherently. Doris was totally and utterly bewildered when the ambulance arrived at the house. I realised then that she didn’t have a grasp on the situation at all and both of them needed 24-hour care.

It was then that I called the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. Everything had just become too much. John’s health was suffering, I was desperate and as a family we all felt in the dark about what was happening.

The nurses on the Helpline told me exactly what we needed to do to take things forward. They gave us the confidence as a family to push harder to get Doris assessed. After speaking to them, we were able to get a diagnosis of dementia for Doris, which gave us all some sense of resolution.

It’s so heartening to know that the Admiral Nurses would support whoever needed it – me, when I was unsure of the route to a dementia diagnosis, John, when he needed advice on putting Doris into a care home, and even my brother-in-law, Keith, who was given specialist advice on what exactly dementia is: beforehand he thought it was just temporary memory loss. With their expertise, clarity and compassion, they’re simply there for the whole family.

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Be sure to provide a range of hot beverages, and it’s always a good idea to bake enough goods for your guests to be able to take home a slice of cake at the end of the party

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