People with dementia more likely to die from Coronavirus – our response

May 15, 2020

Here’s our Director of Clinical Services, Paul Edwards’, response to the recent ONS statistics pointing to the harrowing number of care home deaths, with people with dementia more likely to die from coronavirus and dementia itself at this time. Find out more in this article in The Guardian.

These are harrowing statistics which point to the need to urgently address the situation in care homes – a care setting where a large proportion of residents are diagnosed with dementia. High mortality rates  amongst people with dementia were evident even before the pandemic. Now we are in a situation where people with dementia are not only more likely to die from coronavirus, but also more likely to die from dementia itself due to the very real pressures put on the health and social care systems.

For too long we have seen things in isolaton; the health care system removed from social care;  people with dementia as anonymous statistics; and a failure to see the emotional toll of  dementia and coronavirus on families, in addition to our health and social care workforce. We owe it to families with dementia and the workforce to support them through this challenging period.

– Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services at Dementia UK