Karlsbader Ringerln

German heart biscuitsThese sweet German cookies will hold a place in your heart. 


4 egg yolks
250g plain flour
125g butter
125g sugar
vanilla essence
jam, for spreading


Step 1: Lay out flour. Make a hole in the centre and put the egg yolk and sugar in. Place the butter in the flour around the outside and rub together. Slowly mush egg yolk and flour until you create a dough.

Step 2: Roll out the dough to about 3mm thickness. Use a template to cut out two shapes. One full heart and one heart with a smaller heart cut out into the centre as photoed. You can use any shape you like.

Step 3: Place on a greased baking tray. Put in the center of a preheated oven, gas mark 4 for around 10 -15 minutes (until light golden brown). Tip: check on the biscuits often as they burn easily

Step 4: Wait for biscuits to cool and add a thin layer of jam to the full shape, and place the heart with a cut out centre on top.