Getting to know you – Behind the scenes of Dementia UK’s new video.

Behind the scenes of Dementia UK’s new video. Admiral Nurse, Jody, shares her thoughts on the experience. You can watch Kelly and Ian’s story here.

Kelly and Ian's story
Ian and Kelly talk about their journey as a family living with dementia

When I was first asked to do the video with Kelly I was excited as I felt that Ian and Kelly’s story is such a strong one. It also shows what an Admiral Nurse can do; providing the family with emotional support and how I work with a number of different agencies to ensure that the family get the care that they need.

Then, closer to the time, I began to feel anxious and a little worried that I may say the wrong thing as it was not scripted. However, during the interview it felt natural to talk about my role as an Admiral Nurse and what I do, so I really didn’t need to worry.

Working with a film crew was a new and different experience. I remember I was asked to knock on Kelly’s door and say ‘hello’ –  but I was asked to do this 3 times which myself , Kelly and Ian thought was really funny. And I had to try and stop myself laughing as there is only so many times you can do that to make it look natural! Also they wanted to film everything from me and Kelly chatting, to us just making a cup of tea, so we had to slow everything down to a really slow pace.

When we were doing the things like making tea and knocking on the front door, it did feel very much like acting however, as soon as Kelly and I were chatting, I naturally went straight into my Admiral Nursing role.

Ian and Kelly’s story is so, so strong, they are a very loved-up couple and have a lovely little boy Tommy. Kelly and I really hope that the video also shows people that dementia is not just an old person’s illness and that there are young families out there struggling.

My hope for the video is to promote Admiral Nurses and I would like to see more of us out there to support families living with dementia so they don’t feel alone and at times abandoned. My hope
would be that in the future every family will have an Admiral Nurse to support them when they want and need it.

Jody Howie has been a qualified mental health nurse specialising in dementia since 2006. Jody is currently working as an Admiral Nurse for Medway Community Healthcare supporting families living with dementia in the area. Her previous experience involves working with people and families living with dementia in settings that include community and hospital care.