One-to-one advice and support sessions

Dementia UK’s one-to-one sessions offer a confidential opportunity for staff to speak with a specialist Admiral Nurse in working hours.

For many people, trying to balance work with other stresses, worries and responsibilities can be incredibly difficult.

These sessions are valuable for staff who have a caring responsibility, are concerned about a loved one or perhaps have concerns about their own health and wellbeing.

Our one-to-one sessions will provide forty-five minutes of tailored support, including:
  • practical tips and advice for caring for a loved one with dementia
  • a better understanding of dementia and its symptoms
  • emotional support to cope with feelings of loss, grief or guilt
  • advice on how to maintain a good work-life balance
  • information around finances, benefits and legal matters

These sessions could be incorporated into your company’s health and wellbeing programme, to ensure staff are getting the specialist support they need to help them cope in the workplace.

I just wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks for today’s session. I am so grateful for the advice and kind words. The nurse provided clarity on a topic which has consumed me and left me puzzled for so long, and I truly can see my whole families’ day to day life improving upon the strength and guidance she has provided. This may all sound rather dramatic, but words can’t express the struggle it has been so far, and today it felt like there may be light at the end of the tunnel. – Employee at Computacenter

If you are interested in hearing more about our one-to-one advice sessions, please get in touch today on 020 8036 5407 or at