Awareness sessions

Dementia UK awareness sessions are presented by a specialist Admiral Nurse and aim to raise awareness of:

  • dementia and its symptoms
  • its impact on families and the workplace
  • the support Dementia UK offers
  • how to support friends, family and colleagues facing dementia
  • the importance of wellbeing to reduce risks of developing dementia
  • supporting staff directly via our national Helpline

These sessions are hosted in your office, often in a ‘lunch and learn’ format, and can be tailored depending on the audience and its size.

Our awareness sessions are usually attended by staff who have a connection to the cause; they may be caring for a loved one, have concerns about a friend, relative or colleague, or are interested in the support available.

Staff will have an opportunity to ask questions, to share their own concerns or experiences, as well as receive a reminder that they are not alone.

The presentation was very helpful in explaining to us what dementia is, and raising awareness on how each of us can take practical steps in our daily lives to help prevent the onset of dementia. Importantly, the speaker outlined how we can support our colleagues if we start to see some changes in their behaviour. Having previously cared for a loved one with the disease, the work and challenges involved cannot be underestimated, and talks like this are critical to understanding prevention, and anticipating the future. – Employee at Fieldfisher

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